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About Lotus Construction Chemicals


Lotus Construction Chemicals Co.,Ltd. was established in 1987. We have imported raw materials and products technology mostly from ESP industrial USA, founded by a senior technician and executive from Anti Hydro USA, and some parts from DCC UK, Armorex UK and Imper Italia Spa. We manufacture most of our products in Thailand. Our company and factory has been situated at Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok since founded.
Lotus Construction Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a Thai ownership and management company, supported by a team of Thai and foreign scientists. Our products technology is on the same level of standard as many international companies in Thailand.
Just as the beginning of year 2004 that we've started to import fine quality polished porcelain tile from P.R.China. Hoping that we could serve more for our fast growing clients in housing projects with better quality of products and services, and also with better pricing policy.


For over 34 years, Lotus Construction Chemicals Co.,Ltd. has been one of the market leaders in Thailand, with a determined philosophy of providing Thai building and construction industry with the best quality of products and services.
We always maintain with the high standard for the best quality products and always offer our customers the best possible value for money, the fastest delivery services, with direct sales consultant and after sales services by a team of experienced sales representatives.
We're proud and happy to realize that our attempt in maintaining our high standard of products and services has got along with our clients for more than 29 years of success.
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